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A SubLabel Of B12 Records



B12 are a British electronic music duo consisting of Mike Golding and Steve Rutter. First appearing in the early 1990s under a variety of monikers, including Musicology, Redcell and Cmetric, the duo were often mistaken as hailing from Detroit, their sound being comparable to the so-called second wave of Detroit techno.


This was compounded by the signature style of their initial releases on their own imprint B12 Records, limited editions on coloured 12" vinyl with cryptic messages etched into the run-out grooves, and the fact that Golding and Rutter tended to shy away from the press, and rarely gave interviews, which added to the mystery of their identities.


Their sound is usually categorised as techno, ambient techno, and IDM. Recurring themes of science fiction and futurism can be found in nearly all B12 releases and track names.

John Shima - Sheffield, UK.


John is a prolific electronic music producer from Sheffield issuing many well-received EPs on a roster of

independent electronic labels including Ferox, Boe Recordings, Common Dreams, Diametric, and Subwax to name but a few !

He has a sound maybe best described as futuristic & intelligent, operating in the ghost realm between warm

IDM/techno hybrids and Detroit-influenced futuristic techno.

He brings true depth and emotion into his productions, usually illustrated by using spacey soundscapes,

electrofunk basslines and detailed drum programming.



A graduate from the revered Dartington College of Arts, Yonii is a unique vocalist and top-line writer. Her pop sensibility is combined with a passion for experimental soundscapes, lush beats and ethereal tones, resulting in a fresh and feminine interpretation.


Musical versatility has led her to feature on a number of genre-spanning tracks, with recent releases in both the U.K and U.S market. Yonii's collaboration with B12 is ongoing, and proves to be one of her most creative and intimate to date.



Kinestatics are a London/Berlin based duo between Steven Rutter of B12 and Karla Hajman, in art Stereochemistry, once neuroscientist now poliedric artist, singer/songwriter and cabaret performer.


The B12 history famously started in the early 90's with their music appearing under a plethora of monikers under the "B12 Records" umbrella


Stereochemistry debuts as an author at the National Children Music Festival in Yugoslavia back in 1997. A decade later, five languages, Master of Science and a patent in her pocket, Karla turns completely to music: two self-produced LPs and an EP follow, leading to a collaboration with the US producer Jason Rubal (Amanda Palmer, Dresden Dolls) on Stereochemistrys latest LP “Ruins in Bloom” (2014). Karlas unique composition versatility breaks through in several collaboration projects, including Kinestatics and George Clintons P-FUNK.


Traveling on lush B12 sonorities, Kinestatics performance combines beautiful electronic music with quirky vocals and live instruments looping, in a unique show that blends the electronic and acoustic worlds at their finest.

Kinestatics music goes along the lines of Portishead, Massive Attack, Morcheeba, yet never falling into a cliché with their unique sound and their own peculiar artistic identity, both on stage and on record.

With the “Labyrinth EP” coming up in 2017 and a full-length debut album in the pipeline, Kinestatics are the contemporary comeback of the 90's downtempo we have all been long awaiting.

Darren Nye


Darren is a techno producer from UK Essex, heavily inspired by 1990's labels like B12 Records, Likemind Records, Applied Rhythmic Technology, with artists associated with them B12, Kirk Degiorgio, Stasis, Balil, Nuron, and obviously the Detroit legends.

He prefers the deeper soulful side of techno rather than the four to the floor formula.

He has been making music since 1995 and has three ep's on digital label Organica Music Labworks, and has done remixes for GarcyNoise, Akin Khan and John Shima.


Derek Carr


Derek Carr has been producing and releasing Detroit-tinged electronic music for almost two decades.  He has released music on labels such as ‘For those that Knoe’, ‘Revoke’, ‘Nice and Nasty’ and ‘Headspace’.  

Born and raised in Westmeath, Ireland, Derek got an early taste for finely crafted melodic techno through compilations like Network’s ‘Bio-Rhythms’ and Warp’s ‘Pioneers of the Hypnotic Groove’. Having been a fan of bands such as Kraftwerk and Depeche Mode through his formative years, Derek felt drawn to this new sound coming from Detroit, Sheffield and Leeds.

Recognising the home made ‘punk’ ethos of early ‘Bleep techno’ he began to pick up second hand instruments, initially investing in a cheetah sampler and boss drum machine.

Derek then set about creating his own sound, a sound that owed much to the techno pioneers, B12, the Black Dog, As One, Nexus 21 and Rhythmatic to name but a few.

In 2001 Derek launched his own label ‘Trident Recordings’ and released the ‘Copper Beech e.p.’ (the only release to date) a collection of deep soulful techno. Only 500 copies were pressed and it has since become something of a collector’s item.

Subsequent releases on ‘Digital Soul’ and ‘Geek Records’ further cemented Carr’s place amongst a new generation of techno producers that looked to combine soul and melody with electronic dancefloor grooves.

Derek Carr is a name known by few and far between but he has built a worthy, but unfortunately not widely-spread, reputation for putting together stunning deep techno.



Martin is a producer from Sweden who has released music since 1999 on labels such as Neo Ouija, Awkward Silence and New Speak. His influences range from Autechre and Tupilaq to Red Planet and Neil Landstrumm. During his early years his focus was on classic electronica and melancholic downtempo, but he returned to his techno roots a decade later. This spawned releases on Drumcode LTD, Random Island/RISE and Sloboda.

Martin's forthcoming music for FireScope is something that was meant to be presented as his second album, but was lost and forgotten until now.